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At Modern Dentistry of Auburn it is our philosophy to treat and care for all our patients as if they were our family members, developing relationships that will last outside the scope of our office and extend into our community presence.

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Jesse Whitely, DDS

Favorite Sandwich: Rye Witch, with bacon and extra capers from North Fork Deli

Least Favorite Dessert: Chocolate Ice cream

Favorite Concert: Jack Johnson and Manzanita

Song you always skip: Adele

Cats or Dogs: Cats (that’s a lie, he loves his dog)

Dream vacation: Food & Wine tour of Italy

Place you don’t want to visit again: Bakersfield in the middle of summer

Best memory of working with this team: I make myself laugh daily, even when my team just rolls their eyes. Their patience is what keeps this thing moving.

Dr. Whitely brings 13 years of experience to our office. When not at work you can find him enjoying a nice dinner at Josephine or the beer garden at Crooked lane. Dr. Whitely also enjoys hiking anywhere along the canyon during spring time and you’ll find him up the Sierra on almost any given weekend during the summer.

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  • "Dr. Contreras and crew were great!!! I drove 40 minutes just to try out their new location. Definitely worth the drive and was in-and-out pretty quick. He identified the problem and had a filling put in on the spot! I'll be back for cleaning and all other of my routine maintenance." - Patrick
  • "I am what people refer to as an "anxious dental patient." The staff was so friendly and accommodating, and the office is just beautiful. Dr. Contreras was super friendly, and was very kind in explaining what he was doing so I felt comfortable." - Kimberley

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Dr. Jesse Whitely

Dr. Jesse Whitely

Dr. Jesse Whitely grew up in Modesto, California. From an early age, he knew he wanted to be a Healthcare professional. Dr. Whitely attended Walla Walla University in the southeast corner of Washington. It was here that Dr. Whitely formed a passion for healthy living and obtained a Bachelor's of Science in health. It was also here that Dr. Whitely met his wife, Joanna. It was love at first sight. They got married and moved to Southern California to attend Loma Linda University School of Dentistry.

Upon graduating in 2010, the family moved to Santa Rosa to begin practicing dentistry and start their new life. After 6 years of private practice, the Whitely family felt a calling for a change and moved to Portland, Oregon where Dr. Whitely began working in a Community Health Clinic. After a short 2 years (and 2 long, wet winters) the Whitely's decided the call of home was too great to ignore and moved back to the sunny foothills of Northern California.

Dr. Whitely enjoys practicing general dentistry. He is thrilled to be able to offer same day crowns, restore implants, do orthodontics with Invisalign, and help take care of patients with a whole body, whole health mentality. Dr. Whitely strives to be the best in his field and continues to educate himself and his staff on the latest techniques that will benefit his patients.

In his free time, Dr. Whitely enjoys spending time with his two daughters, exploring new restaurants with his wife, paddle boarding on the lake, hiking and biking through the Sierras, and watching all of our Nor Cal sports teams.

Dr. Whitely would like to welcome you any time, stop by for a brief chat or call to say hello.